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The Columbiettes

 In 1939, Monsignor J. Francis McIntyre, at that time Chaplain of the New York Chapter Knights of  Columbus, and who later became Cardinal McIntyre of Los Angeles, California, seeing great numbers     of  women coming out of a Communist rally at Madison Square Garden, conceived the idea of a ladies  organization to work with the Knights of Columbus. The New York Chapter Knights of Columbus formulated   a plan for such an organization. Their plan called for the establishment of Auxiliaries in each Council and to coordinate the efforts of all under the direction of one parent group. On March 2, 1939 the first  Columbiettes were instituted in New York City. Since that memorable day, many new auxiliaries were  formed and eventually State Councils and a Supreme Council were established. New members are initiated  in these subordinate Auxiliaries and it is only through the integrity, strength and scope of these Auxiliary activities that the Columbiettes have become a recognized group of women working with the Knights of Columbus,  promoting the ideals of Columbianism.

Our Emblem

  • The BLUE CIRCLE represents the World.
  • The WHITE CROSS represents Christ’s love for us –
    by His Crucifixion He redeemed the World.
  • The RAYS represent our zeal to serve God through the 
    Mediums of Faith, Hope and Charity symbolized by
  • Purpose

Columbiette Officers


Rev. Sean Broderick, MMOG 


Joanne Shuleski

Vice President


Elena McFarland

Financial Secretary

Michele Reno


Catherine Francis

Past President

Mary Farmer


Theresa Rudnicki-Jones